“I couldn't put it down…it left me in a state of shock...”
C. R.
San Antonio Police Department
“I respect the author for his audacity, but I'll never look at law enforcement the same way again...”
J. D.
Former Texas Police Officer
“People make such a big deal about steroids in sports, but after reading this book, you'll realize that that should be the least of our worries. This is going on in more police departments than most people think.”
C. F.
Ft. Worth Police Department

"Holding the 10cc vial marked "testosterona" carefully in my hand, I stuck my needle into the soft rubber stopper, flipped the vial upside-down, and drew out 2cc of oil. I pulled the needle out and tapped the side of the syringe to bring most of the air bubbles to the top.

I decided to stick it in my thigh. Off came my belt and down went my pants. This one hurt like a bitch on the way in. I slowly aspirated to see if I had landed the tip of the needle into a vein.

No blood. Great.

The plunger went in smoothly. I pulled the needle out, popped an alcohol swab on the site, and massaged the area.

I pulled my pants up, picked up my gun belt, and hooked it back on. It seemed to not fit me as well as it did a few weeks ago. I guess that would make sense because according to the scale, I had already gained 14 pounds.

I left the house and got back in my patrol car. I picked up the radio and advised dispatch I was 10-8."

- Falling Off The Thin Blue Line

David Johnson never thought that his desire for a muscular physique would entangle him in a world of hardcore steroid and drug abusers. He never knew that just one cycle of steroids would lead to many, many more and eventually, he would befriend one of the city's largest steroid dealers and run an underground business supplying syringes, needles, and steroids to other users. What complicated matters was the fact that he worked as a police officer, sworn to uphold the very laws that he was breaking in his off-time.

What makes this story even more gripping is that it's true.