“I couldn't put it down…it left me in a state of shock...”
C. R.
San Antonio Police Department
“I respect the author for his audacity, but I'll never look at law enforcement the same way again...”
J. D.
Former Texas Police Officer
“People make such a big deal about steroids in sports, but after reading this book, you'll realize that that should be the least of our worries. This is going on in more police departments than most people think.”
C. F.
Ft. Worth Police Department


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After browsing the Internet and reading everything that has been written about the book, it's amazing how information is misconstrued. I could list a couple pages of links here, but I can honestly say that NONE of it has been accurate as those who have interviewed me have posted VERY inaccurate information. It amuses me that some websites that have never even contacted me are taking snippets of some of the original inaccurate interviews and have changed the information (to meet their agenda) until there has been very little semblance of truth left. No matter what you tell them, the media will ALWAYS twist your words until they fit into the shape of their original idea for the story. I am choosing not to contact these individuals again to correct their mistakes because it's not worth my time. And I'm also choosing to stop updating this page with inaccurate interviews. If you want the real truth, r e a d t h e b o o k. --DJ


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